The Cwtch Autumn Update


The Cwtch is our new young adult community which has been meeting since September on Sunday nights in the centre of Newport.

The intention is to create a safe and honest space to worship, doubt, love and trust together. We want to share our stories of Hope, Joy, Beauty and Creativity and at the same time be bold enough to share our burdens, worries and hard times. We welcome questioning, value participation and see church as common property not belonging to one person but at its best when a community find a common goal in searching for Jesus.

In the first four weeks, the four of us leading The Cwtch all gave part of our stories sharing some of our vulnerabilities and some our hopes in fairly different talking styles. We also sang some songs and prayed together.

It was a great four weeks it involved some great conversations and it was definitely the birth of a community. Also as part of this, Pip took the initiative to start a small group looking at mission, taking on board our vision of church as common property and rolling with it in a wonderful way.

In this first month we have met with Jesus week after week, but in a very traditional way, Jesus has showed up in us praying together, in us singing together and in the talks that were given. It was great but it felt like there was more to the Cwtch that we hadn’t touched. So we decided that we would move away from the conventional church image stepping out from the talk, pray, preach approach and looking at new ways of being community. There is no exact guide on how to do this so it will be very much experimenting together, so if nothing else we are going to have the opportunity to learn patience with one other.

For me personally, my hope is that in these months coming up we will meet Jesus less in our prayers, songs and talks, and find Jesus more and more in our engagement with each other.

Please pray for The Cwtch:

  • Pray for us as we continue to explore our sense of vision and mission for The Cwtch.
  • Pray that we would find new ways to worship and pray which connect with those outside of the Church.
About the author: Ed Hodge
Ed co-ordinates our community which meets in the city centre of Newport. He has several years of experience working with young people, and is currently studying for a degree in youth & community work and theology. In his spare time, he’s a ukelele fanatic.
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