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100 Balloons vs 1 Laser

[youtube][/youtube]   At first you look at this video and maybe wonder: Why? But the answer is also somewhat obvious: Because he had a laser. This works because the laser focuses all the power of the lights electrons into a beam strong enough to pop the black balloons, which absorb the energy instead of scattering it like a lighter colored balloon would, causing it to burst. If it didn’t focus all of its energy than this wouldn’t work at all. In Colossians 3:2, the Apostle Paul ... Read more

Inventing the Mobile Phone

[youtube][/youtube]   The mobile phone has been around for so long and is so normal in our daily life, that we don’t even think about it as something someone invented. But way back in 1973 Marty Cooper did just that. Built around the simple idea that people are fundamentally mobile, he used his knowledge to create a way for people to communicate with anyone, anywhere. While not specifically talked about, the Bible documents Jesus followers inventing lots and lots of things to deal with everyday ... Read more

YouTube Reflection: Losing Your Phone

[youtube][/youtube]   Why in the world would you need your iPhone in your pocket while practicing for the X Games? You don’t! He should have handed it to a friend or left it in the locker room. If we are honest with ourselves we have done the same thing... used our cell phone at a time when it wasn’t appropriate and looked foolish. You are in good company! The disciples had a similar moment during the biggest dramas of human history. After the Last Supper, Jesus ... Read more