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10 indicators of a fresh expression of church

What makes a fresh expression of church? On the first day of the mission shaped ministry course we're helping to host in Newport, there was some discussion about what makes something a fresh expression of church. 5 indicators that something is a fresh expression: Was something Christian and communal brought to ‘birth’ that was new and further, rather than an existing group modified? Has the starting group tried to engage with non church goers? There was intention to create a fresh expression of Church, not ... Read more

Research: UK has been becoming post-religious but not post-spiritual

Last week Theos (a ThinkTank on religion and society) released a really interesting report, called The Spirit of Things Unseen, looking at how spiritual we are as a society in light of the decline of formal religion over the last half-century. And what they found was really interesting: ...for all that formalised religious belief and institutionalised religious belonging has declined over recent decades, the British have not become a nation of atheists or materialists. On the contrary, a spiritual current runs as, if not more, ... Read more