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#11: Mission and spiritual gifts #TaylorTuesdays

What role should the gifts of the spirit play in mission? If mission is ultimately the activity of the Holy Spirit, then it makes sense the the spiritual gifts described by Paul are given with the purpose of enabling God's Mission. For many of us, we are more aware of some of these Gifts of the Spirit than others, depending on our theological background. For some we are least comfortable with the gifts which could be categorised 'supernatural', holding the view that God ... Read more

#9: Transcending Structures and Social Change #TaylorTuesdays

How does social change happen? Over the last couple of weeks, Russell Brand's edition of New Statesman, and his interview with Jeremy Paxman, have been garnering a lot of interest and attention. In the interview, Paxman seemed to be mainly concerned with Brand's refusal to vote, and whether this is really an effective way to bring about change. For a long time there have been discussions among pioneers about whether change comes from inside or outside of structures. This could apply to both ... Read more

Graham Cray ‘on not knowing the end at the beginning’

Graham Cray, Fresh Expressions team leader, has written a great piece for the Journal of Missional Practice on growing church 'not knowing the end at the beginning'. It's a great introduction to what fresh expressions of church are, talks about the role of the Holy Spirit in mission, and lays down some markers for what maturity looks like in a fresh expression. He also presents a challenge to pioneer new forms of church which aren't just culturally appropriate but are also prophetic:   Check out ... Read more