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Welcoming the Stranger: An Advent Reflection

In many ways, the Game of Thrones books and TV series are the Lord of the Rings for a new, emerging generation. In Westeros, the world of the series, the characters primarily believe in one God depicted as seven different, unique characters. The author was almost certainly influenced by our own Christian understanding of the Trinity. Each of these seven personas is interesting in itself, but the one which has most captured my imagination recently is the Stranger. In the world of ... Read more

Why do we need mission pioneers? CMS Pioneer Mission Leadership Training Here's a new video which tells the stories of some of the students on the CMS Pioneer Mission Leadership course. I'm halfway through the CMS MA and can wholeheartedly recommend the course. It's a fantastic melting pot bringing together the latest thinking around pioneer ministry, two centuries of cross-cultural mission experience, and an amazing group of students who are all trying out new things in their own contexts and communities. You can find more information about the course, as well as some great interviews and ... Read more

Episcopal Oversight [Anglican Pioneer Ministry #4]

In the last post of our mini-series on Pioneer Ministry and Anglican Identity, we touch on supervision and accountability for pioneer ministry. Why Bishops? The role of the Bishop is hugely significant to Anglican practice and identity. According to Ramsey (1985, p.96): [a Bishop should] remember that his role is apostolic. His apostolicity is seen not only in pedigree which he holds but in his role of guiding the Church in its mission. It is the Bishop who has ultimate responsibility for the life of ... Read more

Sacramental Worship [Anglican Pioneer Ministry #3]

Welcome to the third part of our mini-series on Pioneer Ministry and Anglican Identity. This time we're exploring sacramental worship. How important are the sacraments? The practice of the sacraments, and in particular the two apostolic sacraments of Baptism and the Eucharist, are at the very core of the way that the Anglican Church expresses its identity in worship. Anglican theologian, Daniel Hardy writes: [The celebration of the Eucharist] is the major way by which the social meaning of the Church is consistently referred to ... Read more

The Parish [Anglican Pioneer Ministry #2]

Welcome to the second part of our mini-series on Pioneer Ministry and Anglican Identity. In this post, we're going to tackle the parish system, how it has formed Anglican ministry, and what this means for pioneering mission and ministry. The origins of the parish The parish system lies at the very heart of the structure of the Anglican church, to the extent that it is difficult to license the ministry of a church, unless it has a parish or territory (Rees, 2006). For Martyn ... Read more

New Mini-Series: Pioneer Ministry and Anglican Identity

Some of my recent thinking has been on the tension between approaches to pioneer mission and inherited church structures. In particular, the interaction between pioneer ministry and Anglican identity and practice. Over the next four weeks, in a little mini-series drawing on some of my MA work, I thought it'd be interesting to explore these tensions. Apologies for those from other denominational backgrounds that we'll be looking primarily at Anglican identity, but this is simply because of my own sense of denominational identity and ... Read more

mission shaped ministry Weekend

This afternoon we head down to Hebron Hall for our msm South Wales / Newport Weekend Away. It's going to be a great opportunity for the group to grow together and continue the learning and development which has happened so far. The weekend is going to be pretty intense covering units on evangelism, culture, relationships and pastoral care, worship and mission spirituality. And we've got some fantastic guest teachers joining us in Bob & Mary Hopkins, John Wheatley and Jonny Baker. If you live ... Read more

“It is as true of the modern missionary…” David Bosch #SpiritualitySundays

Source: A Spirituality of the Road by David Bosch Read more

‘Never accept and be content…’ #SpiritualitySundays

Source: Christianity Rediscovered by Vincent Donovan Read more

10 indicators of a fresh expression of church

What makes a fresh expression of church? On the first day of the mission shaped ministry course we're helping to host in Newport, there was some discussion about what makes something a fresh expression of church. 5 indicators that something is a fresh expression: Was something Christian and communal brought to ‘birth’ that was new and further, rather than an existing group modified? Has the starting group tried to engage with non church goers? There was intention to create a fresh expression of Church, not ... Read more
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