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Why do we need mission pioneers? CMS Pioneer Mission Leadership Training Here's a new video which tells the stories of some of the students on the CMS Pioneer Mission Leadership course. I'm halfway through the CMS MA and can wholeheartedly recommend the course. It's a fantastic melting pot bringing together the latest thinking around pioneer ministry, two centuries of cross-cultural mission experience, and an amazing group of students who are all trying out new things in their own contexts and communities. You can find more information about the course, as well as some great interviews and ... Read more

#5: Mission, institutions and the ‘gift of not fitting in’ #TaylorTuesdays

How should mission inform church structures? Taylor suggests that we can compare those engaged in modern day mission to the prophets of ancient Israel. Those called to be prophets often had an incredibly strong personal sense of calling, but often didn't fit into either the religious or political structures of their day at all. He then draws us to consider many of the great missionary figures in church history, and the role that many of them played in challenging the structure and ... Read more

‘The Exodus is a model for personhood…’ #SpiritualitySundays

Source: Living Toward a Vision by Walter Brueggemann Read more

Young Adult Pioneers: Skills and Characteristics of a Pioneer

Over the last few weeks, we've been featuring videos from the Fresh Expressions Young Adult Conferences held earlier this year. Earlier in the year Fresh Expressions brought together pioneer ministers who work with young adults, many of whom are young adults themselves. Out of those conferences have come a series of short films with interview snippets on different topics. This coincided with the release of Authentic Faith by Beth Keith, a piece of research into fresh expressions of church with young adults, which ... Read more