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mission shaped ministry Weekend

This afternoon we head down to Hebron Hall for our msm South Wales / Newport Weekend Away. It's going to be a great opportunity for the group to grow together and continue the learning and development which has happened so far. The weekend is going to be pretty intense covering units on evangelism, culture, relationships and pastoral care, worship and mission spirituality. And we've got some fantastic guest teachers joining us in Bob & Mary Hopkins, John Wheatley and Jonny Baker. If you live ... Read more

10 indicators of a fresh expression of church

What makes a fresh expression of church? On the first day of the mission shaped ministry course we're helping to host in Newport, there was some discussion about what makes something a fresh expression of church. 5 indicators that something is a fresh expression: Was something Christian and communal brought to ‘birth’ that was new and further, rather than an existing group modified? Has the starting group tried to engage with non church goers? There was intention to create a fresh expression of Church, not ... Read more

10 great reasons to join our mission shaped ministry course

It's now less than two weeks until the Newport mission shaped ministry course begins. So far we're looking to have a good number of people join us from our Lab communities, from other churches across Newport and several people travelling in from the surrounding area. But there's still room for a few more. To get an idea of what msm is like, check out this video from participants on the Adelaide msm course in Australia: In case you're still making your mind up, here's ten good reasons ... Read more