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Graham Cray ‘on not knowing the end at the beginning’

Graham Cray, Fresh Expressions team leader,┬áhas written a great piece for the Journal of Missional Practice on growing church 'not knowing the end at the beginning'. It's a great introduction to what fresh expressions of church are, talks about the role of the Holy Spirit in mission, and lays down some markers for what maturity looks like in a fresh expression. He also presents a challenge to pioneer new forms of church which aren't just culturally appropriate but are also prophetic:   Check out ... Read more

The Lab at the Church in Wales Governing Body

Recently James, Justin, Matt and Abbie went on a road trip to Lampeter to the Governing Body of the Church in Wales. Basically it's a big meeting with lots of important people. James led our half-hour presentation about the Lab, it's history and it's projects in Alway, Duffryn and the Young Adult community. We were honoured to be asked to present at this convention, and thrilled at the reception and encouragement we were given. There's summary of what we said here (on page 5). And here's ... Read more

February Blog Round Up

In case there's something great that you missed out on, here's a rundown of all our blog posts in February! During the last month, we've had our Lab Retreat, launched our Lent prayer challenge and also continued to post up some great songs and reflections. Here's a walkthrough all the great posts from February: (more…) Read more

January Blog Round-up

Here's a rundown of all our blog posts in January, in case there's something great that you missed out on! Since the launch of our new website design for 2013, we've been busy producing lots of great content for the blog. We've used it as a way of sharing news, giving out information about our Retreat next weekend and sharing songs and reflections. (more…) Read more