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FREE eBOOK: Following the Missionary Spirit

We've collected together all of our Taylor Tuesdays posts into a free e-book. The downloadable PDF features all 12 Taylor Tuesdays reflections, each featuring: A quote on mission from J.V. Taylor's Go-Between God Some commentary and reflections Questions for you to ponder which connect Taylor's thoughts with your own mission context   The PDF is ideal to use in your own personal quiet time or as a group study. Download it here. Read more

#11: Mission and spiritual gifts #TaylorTuesdays

What role should the gifts of the spirit play in mission? If mission is ultimately the activity of the Holy Spirit, then it makes sense the the spiritual gifts described by Paul are given with the purpose of enabling God's Mission. For many of us, we are more aware of some of these Gifts of the Spirit than others, depending on our theological background. For some we are least comfortable with the gifts which could be categorised 'supernatural', holding the view that God ... Read more

#8: Fresh expressions and little congregations #TaylorTuesdays

What are the similarities between Taylor's 'little congregations' and fresh expressions of church ? Writing in 1972, Taylor sees the ultimate fruit of the house-church movement of his time being found in the birth of many diverse 'little congregations'. It's remarkable to see the similarities between Taylor's vision and the many fresh expressions of church which are being birthed as new congregations across the UK and further afield. Taylor makes three important observations about these little congregations: They will all be different. Some will be ... Read more

#7: Mission and Humility #TaylorTuesdays

How can we create fertile soil for the seed of Christ to grow? For J.V. Taylor, joining in with God's Mission is about humility and sacrifice. For the Spirit to be fully able to work through our encounters with others, we must be willing to let our guard down. This means that we need to come to the end of ourselves, or to put it another way: we need to get out of God's way and let the Spirit get to work. This is ... Read more

#6: The Universality and Uniqueness of the Spirit #TaylorTuesdays

How can we be open to ways the Spirit is at work? Once we recognise the Holy Spirit as the creative power of God in the world, it becomes obvious that the Spirit is present and active everywhere in all kinds of different people and situations. The question for those of us engaging in mission then becomes 'How can we be open to what the Spirit is doing?' For Taylor, unless we're able to fully appreciate what the Holy Spirit is up to in ... Read more

#5: Mission, institutions and the ‘gift of not fitting in’ #TaylorTuesdays

How should mission inform church structures? Taylor suggests that we can compare those engaged in modern day mission to the prophets of ancient Israel. Those called to be prophets often had an incredibly strong personal sense of calling, but often didn't fit into either the religious or political structures of their day at all. He then draws us to consider many of the great missionary figures in church history, and the role that many of them played in challenging the structure and ... Read more

#4: Mission as explosion, not extension #TaylorTuesdays

Do you see mission as something engineered or organic? J.V. Taylor suggests that one of the problems with the modern approach to mission is that it is seen as something which is engineered or built, rather than being seen as the spontaneous, organic activity of the Holy Spirit. He argues that, in reality, the growth of mission more often than not looks more like an explosion, than planned extension. Taylor draws on the rise of Pentecostalism in Latin America as an example ... Read more

#3: The Mission of the Creator Spirit #TaylorTuesdays

Where does your understanding of mission begin? J.V. Taylor writes that our understanding of mission should begin with who the Holy Spirit is. After all, mission is primarily the activity of the Spirit in the world. When we look at how broad the creative work of the Holy Spirit is, we can't help but also apply the same breadth to our understanding of what it means to join with the Spirit's Mission. For Taylor, every act which is in some way creative ... Read more

#2: Open to God, open to the world #TaylorTuesdays

How do you open yourself to God's world? For J.V. Taylor, to be open to the Holy Spirit means to be open to the world in which that same Spirit is at work. We can't close ourselves off, either from the world or from other people, if we are on a journey of becoming more open to God. We must be open to both the beauty and truth... and the pain and disappointment that comes from becoming emotionally open to others. According to Taylor, ... Read more

Graham Cray ‘on not knowing the end at the beginning’

Graham Cray, Fresh Expressions team leader, has written a great piece for the Journal of Missional Practice on growing church 'not knowing the end at the beginning'. It's a great introduction to what fresh expressions of church are, talks about the role of the Holy Spirit in mission, and lays down some markers for what maturity looks like in a fresh expression. He also presents a challenge to pioneer new forms of church which aren't just culturally appropriate but are also prophetic:   Check out ... Read more
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