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Jeep vs. Pool

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you fail. And just like in the video there always seems to be someone in your life who shouts “You’re doing it wrong!” Don’t get hung up on trying to be perfect. The simple reality is that we’re all going to fail. Solomon says in Proverbs 24:16: “for though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again, but the wicked stumble when calamity strikes.” In other words, failure can be a test of our character. It’s not that we’ve failed ... Read more

YouTube Reflection: Boyfriend Pushes Girlfriend Off Cliff

[youtube][/youtube]   We’ve all been there. We really, really want to do something. But then when we get there it’s too scary to go through with. A lot of us have been that friend, too. We know our friend wants to go forward with it and you know that if they’ll just overcome their fear it won’t be so bad. So we’re tempted to push them. But the fact is that the boyfriend had no right to push his girlfriend into doing something she wasn’t ... Read more

YouTube Reflection: Goats Yelling Like Humans

[youtube][/youtube]   Sometimes, don’t you just feel like screaming? It’s understandable as life can be very stressful. God called Nehemiah to go back to Jerusalem, rebuild the walls, in an effort to help protect the inhabitants from attack and begin restoring the city to its former prestige. But when he arrived in Jerusalem to do this great work, he met all sorts of opposition. Needless to say, he was stressed out! Nehemiah gives us an excellent example of how how we can deal with everyday stress. ... Read more

YouTube Reflection: Harlem Shake

[youtube height="200"][/youtube]   There’s something hilarious about people dancing badly, right? In this video it’s the unexpected joy of seeing otherwise boring people, newscasters, trying to be cool, that makes it completely hilarious. Newscasters aren’t supposed to dance. They aren’t supposed to have fun. They are just supposed to read the news. Here’s what is cool. Having faith in Jesus is a little like that video. Just like newscasters aren’t supposed to break out into a crazy dance party, people who aren’t supposed to love ... Read more

Songs you shouldn’t listen to on the way to the Retreat! A Special Songs Post

Today we travel up to Broad Haven for our 2013 Retreat! As a public service for those of you who are travelling up, we wanted to let you know which songs to avoid playing as you drive up this afternoon! (more…) Read more