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Risky Worship Liturgy: Swansea & Brecon Diocesan Conference

Last Saturday we were at the Swansea & Brecon Diocesan Conference. As well as our presentation, we were also asked to lead a short time of worship, which we built around the themes of creativity, experimentation and taking risks. The liturgy we used was put together by Justin Groves a few years ago for our own Diocesan Conference in Monmouth. We've posted it below incase you wanted to use all or parts of it within your own contexts: Risky Worship Opening Words We're here again, Lord Your Church ... Read more
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Original Bike Tricks from Tim Knoll

The things Tim Knoll can do on a bike are amazing. He’s taken tricks that people have already done and created new tricks. But he’s also created brand new tricks that are unlike anything anyone has seen before. Each of us, created in God’s image, is an original. There is no one else on the planet just like you. You have the ability to create things no one has ever seen before. We get a glimpse of this through Moses, who in Exodus ... Read more