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5 questions to help you engage with your community

I found these questions for reflection really helpful, so I thought I'd post them up for you to perhaps be able to reflect on as well. Andrews suggests taking some time to sit in silence, and write down your answers: 1. What is the community that I feel called to live in more faithfully? 2. How can I connect with the people in my community more effectively? 3. How can I empty myself to make more time and space for others? 4. How can I ... Read more

Great summary of asset-based community development #ABCD

The Church Urban Fund has released a great summary of ABCD or Asset-based Community Development. We wrote about taking an asset-based approach to pioneer ministry last month. The CUF report, titled 'Tackling Poverty in England: An Asset-based Approach', provides a great starting point for you to think about how to implement this approach in your context:   You can download the CUF report here. HT: Richard Passmore Read more

Pioneer Ministry: Start with the assets of your context, not the needs

Do you start with what your community needs, or the assets it already has? There are a lot of similarities between the practice of pioneer ministry and community development principles. A key stage in growing new forms of church has to do with loving and serving those in the community you're looking to engage. Whether that's a geographical community or a cultural grouping or network, the approach is the same - to come alongside those in the community and find ways to honestly ... Read more