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10 Metaphors For Mission

There are many different metaphors or images to describe the Mission of God throughout the bible and Christian tradition. Here are just ten of them which you may or may not have encountered before: 1. Sending The Latin root of the word mission (“missio”) literally means sending, originating with Jesus' command to his disciples to “Go!”. 2. Proclaiming In Luke's gospel, Jesus sends out the twelve and then the seventy-two to “proclaim the Kingdom of God”. The proclamation metaphor is central to the traditional Reformed/Protestant understanding ... Read more

The Experiments: Youth work resources exploring hands-on spirituality

The Experiments, our first homegrown youth work resource enabling young people to explore hands-on spirituality, is now available! Created in partnership with StreetSpace and Frontier Youth Trust, The Experiments is a pair of youth work resources to explore hands-on spirituality with young people over a series of 10 sessions. Each session looks at one of the beatitudes, stripped of religious language and presented as five practical experiments that tap into the value and spirituality beneath it. Leaders Guide The Experiments Leaders Guide is available as a free pdf ... Read more

100 Balloons vs 1 Laser

[youtube][/youtube]   At first you look at this video and maybe wonder: Why? But the answer is also somewhat obvious: Because he had a laser. This works because the laser focuses all the power of the lights electrons into a beam strong enough to pop the black balloons, which absorb the energy instead of scattering it like a lighter colored balloon would, causing it to burst. If it didn’t focus all of its energy than this wouldn’t work at all. In Colossians 3:2, the Apostle Paul ... Read more

Inventing the Mobile Phone

[youtube][/youtube]   The mobile phone has been around for so long and is so normal in our daily life, that we don’t even think about it as something someone invented. But way back in 1973 Marty Cooper did just that. Built around the simple idea that people are fundamentally mobile, he used his knowledge to create a way for people to communicate with anyone, anywhere. While not specifically talked about, the Bible documents Jesus followers inventing lots and lots of things to deal with everyday ... Read more

30 people on skis, holding hands, doing a backflip!

[youtube][/youtube]   Two quick thoughts... Are there videos for the times they tried this and failed? Wouldn’t that be cool to try while water skiing?   In all seriousness, a stunt like that is daring and likely took some planning and practice. It is a fantastic example of the amazing things you can do when you work as a team. In Romans 12, Paul writes “For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in ... Read more

Alpine Coaster… with no brakes

[youtube][/youtube]   Life at full speed. Those living during Jesus’ days on earth didn’t have any of the modern conveniences you and I take for granted. Things like a lack of running water, refrigeration, sanitation, or air conditioning meant that daily life was full of chores and routines we may only do while camping or on a mission trip. But here’s what’s remarkable. In John 10, Jesus says: I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. They [his sheep, followers] will come in ... Read more


[youtube][/youtube]   Let’s say that a tragedy might hit your family and everyone could be killed. But you given the chance to save your family by solving a riddle. We’d line up 100 people in front of you, pick the right person and everyone survives. Pick the wrong person... bad things happen. All you knew about them was what they looked like, what their name was, and what their occupation was. Then we showed you the line-up. Among them were a judges, doctors, police officers, ... Read more

Introducing our new series on the Psalms

This Sunday (21st April) we begin our new teaching series on Psalms. The book of Psalms is a collection of poems, prayers and proverbs often quoted, but rarely studied. The 150 different Psalms express pretty much every possible human emotion from sadness to joy, anger to peacefulness, fear to courage. Over four weeks, we'll look at four Psalms written in very different genres with very different messages. Here's 10 interesting facts you might not know about the book of Psalms: The word 'Psalms' simply ... Read more

YouTube Reflection: Boyfriend Pushes Girlfriend Off Cliff

[youtube][/youtube]   We’ve all been there. We really, really want to do something. But then when we get there it’s too scary to go through with. A lot of us have been that friend, too. We know our friend wants to go forward with it and you know that if they’ll just overcome their fear it won’t be so bad. So we’re tempted to push them. But the fact is that the boyfriend had no right to push his girlfriend into doing something she wasn’t ... Read more

Amen 06: The Kingdom, the Power and the Glory [Small Groups]

Here's this week's small group material to go with our Amen series. Last night, Abbie explored the line "Yours is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory", looking at what it means to worship and praise God when we pray and through our lives. You can explore this further through worship, prayer and discussion with your small group using this week's material. This material is here as an optional resource - it's up to your group whether you decide to use it or not. Get ... Read more
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