About the new Lab identity, values and communities

This week we launched a new website for the new academic year, as well as a new Lab identity and values.

The story so far…

Our journey so far as a community has taken us a long way from our humble beginnings seven years ago. What began as a small group of young adults meeting together has grown into several different communities all with their own sense of call and mission.

Our Lab community has always been constantly changing and adapting as new opportunities have come up, and new ideas have taken shape.

The shape of things to come…

Over the last year, The Lab has been in a real time of transition for a couple of reasons:

  1. In addition to our communities (or hubs) in Alway and the city centre, we’ve been exploring new opportunities on the Duffryn estate and with the new Eli Music initiative. We want to make sure our community identity recognises and values all of these different expressions of church and mission, as we become more and more diverse and dispersed.
  2. Our young adult community has been in a time of transition, with many of our original core group having moved on over the last couple of years, and a new core group emerging. We want to create space for a new group to be able to shape their own sense of identity and vision for the city centre.


So, The Lab is increasingly becoming a community made up of lots of different missional people, groups and initiatives. Our vision is to encourage more and more experimental forms of church and mission in Newport and beyond.

We also want to become a resource to others in the wider church who want to explore pioneer ministry, and are increasingly being given opportunities to do this like the mission shaped ministry course we’re helping to run from October.

How you can stay informed…

On the new site, you can find out about the four different communities that currently make up The Lab: Alway, The Cwtch, Duffryn and Eli Music.

Also, you can keep in touch by signing up for our new email newsletter. It’ll arrive every couple of months, and will feature all the latest updates as well as how you can be praying for us.

We really value your prayers and support, and we’d love for you to join us on our journey as we continue to explore new forms of experimental church and mission.

About the author: James Henley
James Henley
James has been with The Lab since 2007 and leads our team. He's an ordained pioneer minister in the Church in Wales.