YouTube Reflection: Losing Your Phone



Why in the world would you need your iPhone in your pocket while practicing for the X Games?

You don’t!

He should have handed it to a friend or left it in the locker room. If we are honest with ourselves we have done the same thing… used our cell phone at a time when it wasn’t appropriate and looked foolish.

You are in good company! The disciples had a similar moment during the biggest dramas of human history. After the Last Supper, Jesus takes his disciples to the Mount of Olives to pray about what’s to come. He tells them to stay awake and pray. But they fell asleep! Jesus comes back after having just pleaded with His Father so hard that Luke says he was sweating from praying. And what does he find?

“When he rose from prayer and went back to the disciples, he found them asleep, exhausted from sorrow. “Why are you sleeping?” he asked them. “Get up and pray so that you will not fall into temptation.” (Luke 22:45-46)

What’s the point? It’s really important to give your full attention to things. If it’s time to play than play. If it’s time to study than study. If it’s time to pray than pray. Don’t let silly things like the notifications on your phone make you look like the guy in the video.

3 Questions:

  • Would you rather lose your phone or your wallet/purse?
  • Have you ever had a time when you missed something big because you were paying attention to your phone?
  • When was a time you were annoyed because someone paid attention to their phone and not you?


Chew on this:

Why is it that things which help us communicate can also keep us from communicating with the people around us?

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