Eli Music Autumn Update


Eli Music has come on in leaps and bounds since the beginning of September, and the beginning of our mission!

Here’s some of what we’ve been up to in the last few months:

Music Clubs

We started the year with two after school Music Clubs in Alway Primary School and Duffryn Junior School. In both clubs the number of children attending has risen, and we are having so much fun creating a curriculum for them that includes learning about beats and rhythms, playing different instruments, listening to pop songs, making our own instruments, and performing in large groups and small groups. The Alway group are loud and energetic, and especially love performing on the stage. Duffryn are really talented at their rhythms in big groups, and are wonderful at encouraging each other in small groups. After half term we hope to invite some guest musicians to show off their musical talents, as well as preparing for Christmas!

In addition to Alway and Duffryn, Eli Music has started lunchtime music clubs in Maesglas Primary School, and St Patricks Primary School. It has been a challenge for Abbie and Sarah to adapt to a shorter time slot, but we feel that the more musical opportunities we can give the better. St Patricks catch on to rhythm and beat games really quickly, while Maesglas are really enthusiastic and excited about getting to learn new instruments.

Parents & Toddlers

Last week Eli Music provided musical entertainment at the Parent & Toddler group at St Paul’s. We were greatly encouraged by children and grown-ups joining in with actions, singing and dance moves! We hope to visit every two weeks, and would love to visit more groups weekly.


Our mentoring sessions are going very well, as we coach and encourage a young worship leader. We are so proud of her progress, and slightly worried that soon she won’t need us anymore!

We’d love you to pray with us for everything that’s happening and all that will develop in the future. We are full of ideas for future projects and events for Eli Music.

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Please pray for Eli Music:

  • Pray that our ministry in Parent & Toddler groups will grow.
  • Pray for more contacts in our Mentoring scheme.
  • Pray for us as we hope to establish another after school Music Club in the northern parts of Newport, perhaps somewhere in Bettws.
  • Pray that we can learn to prioritize and not be too ambitious that we find ourselves unable to cope. We have so many ideas for future projects and events, but please pray we think things through properly and don’t do too much too fast.
About the author: Abbie Cook
Abbie Cook
Abbie co-leads the Eli Music project, helping to enable young people to develop through music and creativity. She has also been part of our community on the Alway estate. Abbie plays lots of instruments and loves teaching others!