Inventing the Mobile Phone



The mobile phone has been around for so long and is so normal in our daily life, that we don’t even think about it as something someone invented.

But way back in 1973 Marty Cooper did just that. Built around the simple idea that people are fundamentally mobile, he used his knowledge to create a way for people to communicate with anyone, anywhere.

While not specifically talked about, the Bible documents Jesus followers inventing lots and lots of things to deal with everyday problems. In Acts 6, the church faced a problem of having widows who weren’t getting properly cared for. So someone came up with the idea… we should have people in the church whose role is caring for widows! That may seem obvious, but someone had to actually invent that.

We share this because your church needs you to help identify things which aren’t working very well and help creatively invent solutions! With your help, your church can help more and more people in new ways.

3 Questions:

  • Would you rather be grounded for a month or lose cell phone privileges for a month?
  • Have you ever lost your cell phone somewhere strange? Where?
  • What are things that you think your church could do better?


Chew on this:

If we’re supposed to help invent stuff why does everyone talk about the church not wanting to change?

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