Great summary of asset-based community development #ABCD

The Church Urban Fund has released a great summary of ABCD or Asset-based Community Development.

We wrote about taking an asset-based approach to pioneer ministry last month. The CUF report, titled ‘Tackling Poverty in England: An Asset-based Approach‘, provides a great starting point for you to think about how to implement this approach in your context:



Many churches will already be putting into practice the principles and values that lie at the heart of the ABCD approach. Indeed, the foundational values of ABCD resonate deeply with Christian theology. Yet for these churches, the ABCD approach may still offer a useful conceptual framework with which to explore and develop the work they are doing within their local community.

For those churches who are tired of hearing their communities described as ‘deprived’ and ‘needy’, ABCD also offers an alternative language of ‘assets’ and ‘capacities’. And for those who struggle to see how any lasting progress can be achieved, it offers the possibility of transformative change.

You can download the CUF report here.

HT: Richard Passmore

About the author: James Henley
James Henley
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