Eli Music Spring Update

So far, 2014 has been great for Eli Music!

Music Clubs

We continue to provide lunch time and after school Music Clubs in Alway Primary, Duffryn Juniors, Maesglas Primary and St Patrick’s Primary School.

The Music clubs have been exploring different types of music each week since January, these include Welsh Music, Music from the Movies, Pop Music, Choral Music and many others! It has been a great experience introducing the children to so many new styles of Music, and encouraging them to respond and learn.

Parents & Toddlers Workshops

We’re still visiting St Paul’s Parent and Toddler group on a thursday morning, as well as supporting two other existing groups in the local area with musical entertainment and singing time!

Family Learning

A new venture for us has been taking part in The Family Learning Program at the Gaer Infant School.

Families are encouraged to take part in six week courses that encourage learning and interaction between parents and their children. These include a gardening course, indian cooking, welsh dancing, and Abbie & Sarah run the Music Madness session!

Contacts within this school have led to Abbie & Sarah organising and leading their own Parent & Toddler Music Group! This started on 31st March. It is an exciting opportunity, and we would appreciate your prayers and support for this new adventure.

About the author: Abbie Cook
Abbie Cook
Abbie co-leads the Eli Music project, helping to enable young people to develop through music and creativity. She has also been part of our community on the Alway estate. Abbie plays lots of instruments and loves teaching others!