mission shaped ministry Weekend

This afternoon we head down to Hebron Hall for our msm South Wales / Newport Weekend Away. It's going to be a great opportunity for the group to grow together and continue the learning and development which has happened so far. The weekend is going to be pretty intense covering units on evangelism, culture, relationships and pastoral care, worship and mission spirituality. And we've got some fantastic guest teachers joining us in Bob & Mary Hopkins, John Wheatley and Jonny Baker. If you live ... Read more

Autumn Update from Alway

The start of this year has been really exciting in Alway not only because of Pip and Troy joining us as new team members, but also because of the new things we have been doing as well as developing the already existing projects. Here are some of the things we have been doing: Gsus Live Gsus Live is an interactive classroom on a trailer where teenagers come aboard and look at three different issues from a Christian perspective. They are fear, rejection and forgiveness. ... Read more

Introducing Troy and Pip from our Alway community

Check out the video above to find out more about Troy and Pip, and why they've decided to join us in our Alway community house. Troy Cousins and Philippa Traynar are the newest members of our Lab community in Alway, having joined us as apprentices since September. We thought it'd be great to introduce them to you, so we got Matt to grill them on camera. Read more

The Cwtch Autumn Update

The Cwtch is our new young adult community which has been meeting since September on Sunday nights in the centre of Newport. The intention is to create a safe and honest space to worship, doubt, love and trust together. We want to share our stories of Hope, Joy, Beauty and Creativity and at the same time be bold enough to share our burdens, worries and hard times. We welcome questioning, value participation and see church as common property not belonging to one ... Read more

Autumn updates from Duffryn

Things in Duffryn have been continuing to progress over the summer months. Here's an update of how everything is going: Music Club With help from Abbie and Sarah, the Music Club in Duffryn Junior School, has been going really well with around 25 children coming each week. We also had the chance to do some RE lessons in Duffryn High School using the GSUS Live trailer in partnership with King’s Church. Mum's Group Amy is involved in leading a breastfeeding support group for new mums, which ... Read more

Join us for our Prayer Evening

Our first Lab Prayer Evening is happening on Wednesday 6th November. Wednesday 6th November - 7pm to 8.30pm St Paul's Church, Commercial Street, NP20 1LU Come and hear updates from all of our different communities and initiatives, and have the opportunity to pray for our work. There will be an opportunity to meet some of the new members of our team, hear updates and pray creatively for all the different work that is going on in our Lab communities around Newport. We'd love you to join ... Read more

Eli Music Autumn Update

Eli Music has come on in leaps and bounds since the beginning of September, and the beginning of our mission! Here's some of what we've been up to in the last few months: Music Clubs We started the year with two after school Music Clubs in Alway Primary School and Duffryn Junior School. In both clubs the number of children attending has risen, and we are having so much fun creating a curriculum for them that includes learning about beats and rhythms, playing different ... Read more

Alway Update from Troy

Hey, I'm Troy Cousins. I've just joined the Lab's team in Alway. The Lab have helped me out a lot in the last two years, so it's awesome for me to help give other young people the options and advice that was given to me by the very people I now work with. Here's a little insight of what we are up to in Alway at the start of the new school year: Our youth club is back up and running on Wednesday nights ... Read more

About the new Lab identity, values and communities

This week we launched a new website for the new academic year, as well as a new Lab identity and values. The story so far… Our journey so far as a community has taken us a long way from our humble beginnings seven years ago. What began as a small group of young adults meeting together has grown into several different communities all with their own sense of call and mission. Our Lab community has always been constantly changing and adapting as new opportunities ... Read more

NEW! Pioneer Ministry and Mission Blog Posts

As we enter a new season as a Lab community, with a focus on encouraging experimental forms of church and mission, we're also entering into a new season with the Lab blog. Over the coming weeks, you'll see more of the usual updates on how our different communities are growing, developing and evolving, and how you can support. But we'll also be throwing in more and more new blogs posts about pioneer ministry and mission. These posts will fit into four new categories: 1. ... Read more
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