Exploring Discipleship

‘If there is a revolution in spiritual formation afoot…’ #SpiritualitySundays

Source: Practising the Way of Jesus by Mark Scandrette Read more

‘The Exodus is a model for personhood…’ #SpiritualitySundays

Source: Living Toward a Vision by Walter Brueggemann Read more

Finding a community’s existing spirituality, myths and theologies

With The Lab community in Alway, for a while we've been trying to find ways to identify and work with the existing spirituality of local young people. What we've always found incredibly interesting is how spiritual young people are. We once did a straw pole of thirty teenagers and found that about two thirds of them believed in some kind of spirits or ghosts. Since then, we've always been looking for resources and ideas to help develop some of that innate ... Read more

10 great reasons to join our mission shaped ministry course

It's now less than two weeks until the Newport mission shaped ministry course begins. So far we're looking to have a good number of people join us from our Lab communities, from other churches across Newport and several people travelling in from the surrounding area. But there's still room for a few more. To get an idea of what msm is like, check out this video from participants on the Adelaide msm course in Australia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjMYTVR2BSE In case you're still making your mind up, here's ten good reasons ... Read more

‘Being contemplative in action…’ #SpiritualitySundays

Source: Eyes to See, Ears to Hear: Introduction to Ignatian Spirituality by David Lonsdale Read more

‘Nature is not mute…’ #SpiritualitySundays

Source: Holy Trinity Perfect Community by Leonardo Boff. Read more

‘We are vulnerable on the road…’ #SpiritualitySundays

Source: Cave Refectory Road by Ian Adams Read more

NEW! Pioneer Ministry and Mission Blog Posts

As we enter a new season as a Lab community, with a focus on encouraging experimental forms of church and mission, we're also entering into a new season with the Lab blog. Over the coming weeks, you'll see more of the usual updates on how our different communities are growing, developing and evolving, and how you can support. But we'll also be throwing in more and more new blogs posts about pioneer ministry and mission. These posts will fit into four new categories: 1. ... Read more
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