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3 Brilliant Group Resources on Mission

A great way to be inspired and encouraged to engage in mission is to explore what that might look like together with a group of like-minded people. Here are 3 resources on mission we've found useful, which you could look at together with a group of friends, with your missional community or church planting team, in your church council, or with your small group. 1. Mission-Shaped Intro The course runs over six weeks, with a lot of flexibility in how you present it depending ... Read more

The Experiments: Youth work resources exploring hands-on spirituality

The Experiments, our first homegrown youth work resource enabling young people to explore hands-on spirituality, is now available! Created in partnership with StreetSpace and Frontier Youth Trust, The Experiments is a pair of youth work resources to explore hands-on spirituality with young people over a series of 10 sessions. Each session looks at one of the beatitudes, stripped of religious language and presented as five practical experiments that tap into the value and spirituality beneath it. Leaders Guide The Experiments Leaders Guide is available as a free pdf ... Read more

mission shaped ministry Weekend

This afternoon we head down to Hebron Hall for our msm South Wales / Newport Weekend Away. It's going to be a great opportunity for the group to grow together and continue the learning and development which has happened so far. The weekend is going to be pretty intense covering units on evangelism, culture, relationships and pastoral care, worship and mission spirituality. And we've got some fantastic guest teachers joining us in Bob & Mary Hopkins, John Wheatley and Jonny Baker. If you live ... Read more

“It is as true of the modern missionary…” David Bosch #SpiritualitySundays

Source: A Spirituality of the Road by David Bosch Read more

Never Again: A Remembrance Day Poem #SpiritualitySundays

Poem Source: The War Poetry Website Image: Red Poppies for Remembrance - Arwen Twinkle Read more

‘Never accept and be content…’ #SpiritualitySundays

Source: Christianity Rediscovered by Vincent Donovan Read more

‘One of the most powerful and difficult things…’ #SpiritualitySundays

Source: Selling Water by the River by Shane Hipps Read more

Research: UK has been becoming post-religious but not post-spiritual

Last week Theos (a ThinkTank on religion and society) released a really interesting report, called The Spirit of Things Unseen, looking at how spiritual we are as a society in light of the decline of formal religion over the last half-century. And what they found was really interesting: ...for all that formalised religious belief and institutionalised religious belonging has declined over recent decades, the British have not become a nation of atheists or materialists. On the contrary, a spiritual current runs as, if not more, ... Read more

‘Spirituality is not to be learned in flight from the world…’ #SpiritualitySundays

Source: Meister Eckhart - Selected Writings Read more

‘We are in need of a new understanding of spirituality…’ #SpiritualitySundays

Source: A Spirituality of the Road by David Bosch Read more
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