Understanding Culture

5 Highlights from Greenbelt #gb40

A couple of weekends ago a group of us were made our annual pilgrimage to Greenbelt. We had a great weekend of camping, talking, eating and listening. Here are my highlights: 1. Radical Theology Talks Stream I really enjoyed the stream of talks on radical theology featuring Peter Rollins, John Caputo, Katharine Moody and Marika Rose - a PhD student from Durham. Pete Rollins is a Greenbelt favourite of mine and he didn't disappoint with an amazing blend of Irish jokes, anecdotes and pretty ... Read more

NEW! Pioneer Ministry and Mission Blog Posts

As we enter a new season as a Lab community, with a focus on encouraging experimental forms of church and mission, we're also entering into a new season with the Lab blog. Over the coming weeks, you'll see more of the usual updates on how our different communities are growing, developing and evolving, and how you can support. But we'll also be throwing in more and more new blogs posts about pioneer ministry and mission. These posts will fit into four new categories: 1. ... Read more
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