5 Highlights from Greenbelt #gb40

A couple of weekends ago a group of us were made our annual pilgrimage to Greenbelt. We had a great weekend of camping, talking, eating and listening.


Here are my highlights:

1. Radical Theology Talks Stream

I really enjoyed the stream of talks on radical theology featuring Peter Rollins, John Caputo, Katharine Moody and Marika Rose – a PhD student from Durham. Pete Rollins is a Greenbelt favourite of mine and he didn’t disappoint with an amazing blend of Irish jokes, anecdotes and pretty deep input from philosophy and psychoanalysis.

2. Nursery Rhyme Mass

The nursery rhyme mass, curated by the Blessed community, was a brilliant mix of high Anglo-Catholic liturgy chanted to tunes from classic nursery rhymes. A really fun, accessible way to mix up traditional forms of worship and make something fresh and playful.

3. Jim Wallis

I was really excited about getting to hear Jim Wallis this year, having heard of him for a long time. He posed lots of questions about what it looks like for Christian communities to engage in the sphere of politics and justice in different ways. Also a chance to hear more about ‘the common good’ – a phrase which seems to be popping up a lot at the moment including in several of Justin Welby’s public addresses.

4. Graham Cray

It was really interesting to see Graham Cray on the bill for Greenbelt this year talking about fresh expressions and the new forms of church which are emerging.

5. CMS Pioneer Party

Great to catch up with some friends and meet some new ones at the CMS Pioneers Party in the Kitchen. CMS is quickly becoming the place for pioneer mission training, and I’m really happy to be studying on their MA.


Did you make it to Greenbelt this year? What were your highlights?

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About the author: James Henley
James Henley
James has been with The Lab since 2007 and leads our team. He's an ordained pioneer minister in the Church in Wales.