3 ways to make the most of your prayer slot #prayingforlent

Our Praying for Lent challenge has now started!

Each day during Lent, we’re looking for one person to commit to pray for our Lab community to grow in depth and breadth. If you haven’t signed up for a day between now and Easter, please consider putting you name next to a day.

Here’s some ideas for how you could use your prayer slot:

1. Slate out a block of time to pray

You could block our half an hour or an hour to pray either first thing in the morning, in the evening before bed or in the middle of the day at lunchtime. To make the most of your time spent praying, you could use the time to:

  • Search for and read some bible passages to do with growing, and use them as a starting point for prayer.
  • Write down your prayers and anything you hear God saying as a journal entry.
  • Use paint, drawing or another form of art as a way of praying creatively (send us a photo of anything you create!).


2. Pray throughout the day

You could spend a short time, maybe even just 30 seconds or a minute, praying for The Lab at regular intervals throughout the day. One good way of doing this is to use your phone and set alarms at regular intervals throughout the day in order to remind you. Monastic communities have kept the practice of praying at regular intervals throughout the day for centuries.

Wherever you are when your alarm goes off, spend a short period of time reminding yourself of God’s presence and praying a simple prayer for The Lab to grow. Then go on with the rest of your day.

3. Pray when you remember

Another option is that you could pray for The Lab whenever you remember throughout the day, and carry a reminder around with you to help. Every time you see your reminder, remember to spend a short time (again just thirty seconds or a minute or even less than that) praying for The Lab. You could:

  • Carry a small reminder in your pocket, either a piece of paper with The Lab written on it or something symbolic like a pebble.
  • Make the Lab logo the menu screen image on your phone.
  • Just write ‘Lab’ on your hand.


Carrying symbols around to help you pray is also an ancient practice. Eastern Orthodox monks and nuns wear prayer ropes around their waists which helps them to pray, and many Catholics use the rosary which works in a similar way.

There are still some prayer slots left, particularly on Fridays and Saturdays. If you haven’t already, why not take a look at the full details and sign up for a slot online.

About the author: James Henley
James Henley
James has been with The Lab since 2007 and leads our team. He's an ordained pioneer minister in the Church in Wales.
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