The Lab is supported in partnership by, and accountable to, the Church in Wales and The Methodist Church.

We belong to the Diocese of Monmouth and Newport and Lower Wye Methodist Circuit. We also work in partnership with other local churches of different denominations and backgrounds.

Partner Churches
We are particularly thankful to these local congregations who have partnered with us in supporting and developing our work:

St Paul’s Church (Church in Wales)

St Paul’s Church has provided support for The Lab community from the very beginning. Justin Groves, vicar at St Paul’s, has responsibility for overseeing The Lab on behalf of the Diocese of Monmouth.

St Teilo’s Church (Church in Wales)

St Teilo’s Church have been incredibly supportive of our community hub in Alway over the last six years. St Teilo’s is a congregation of faithful people who are strongly committed to their local community.

Bishpool Ringland Methodist Church

Bishpool Ringland Methodist Church is at the centre of the Bishpool community on the edge of Alway/Ringland. In particular we work together to run a weekly youth club and other groups.

Duffryn Community Church (Church in Wales)

Duffryn Community Church are our key partner as we explore what a new Lab community could look like on the Duffryn estate.

Other Partnerships & Supporters


Streetspace is an initiative of Frontier Youth Trust, in partnership with the Church Mission Society, which brings together innovative Youth & Community Work projects from across the UK to learn from each other. The Lab is a Streetspace Partnership Project.


Archbishop of Wales Fund for Children

The Archbishop of Wales Fund for Children was set up to support children in need and their families and local communities through making grants to organisations working throughout Wales. The Lab has received grants over several years from the AWFC totalling more than £20,000.