The Lab is a family of young adults on mission in South East Wales.

We live together,
work together,
pray together,
serve together,
and dare to walk the road less travelled… together.

We have three community houses — places of prayer and hospitality — which form the launch pad for our mission to love, serve and share hope with others.

Our Aims

  • Growing new forms of church with those who have little or no church background.
  • Serving local communities, particularly working with young people and in areas of deprivation.
  • Developing young leaders who will lead the church into the future.


Our Values

Take Risks

Being creative and taking a chance on a new way of doing things is part of our Lab DNA. We aren’t afraid to risk failure, or to ‘re-invent wheels so they fit precisely’.

Share Hope

We’re about sharing hope, not just through flowery words but through practical help and support.

Love All

Our mission is to love and serve everyone who comes to us for help, regardless of their ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity, and regardless of whether they are religious, spiritual or neither.

Working in Partnership

The Lab is supported in partnership by, and accountable to, the Church in Wales and The Methodist Church. We also work in partnership with other local churches of different denominations and backgrounds.